Drayage Services

Does your business have containerized cargo coming into ocean ports, rail ramps, or shipping docks that need to be transported? If so, at Cargo Alliance, we can help! We have an experienced network of transportation specialists on board that can help you from beginning to end in the transportation of your cargo. From ocean port, to rail ramp or shipping dock, we can guarantee that once your cargo is loaded, it won’t be touched again until it has reached its destination.

Here at Cargo Alliance, we handle all of the details for your Drayage service. The moment you speak with one of our specialists, they will begin contacting our trusted carriers and collecting quotes for you, ensuring you get the best rate possible. There is no need to worry about schedules or any of the many other details that come with planning drayage services when you use Cargo Alliance. Our team will establish all appointments necessary for your cargo to be moved from both ports and rails. We have a network of carriers that our specialists will communicate with to ensure the necessary equipment is available.

Our team also works 24/7 to track your containers throughout the entire transit process. You can be confident that your cargo will get to its final location quickly and safely when you have the team at Cargo Alliance handling all the details. At the end of your cargo transit, our team will retrieve all required PODs, meaning we handle everything from beginning to end.

To connect with one of our team at Cargo Alliance to establish your Drayage Services, fill out the information form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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